February 4, 2013

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Why Engineering Health?

Hello and welcome to a public face for Cerner Engineering, by Cerner Engineering associates, to talk about engineering, technology, and all of the other awesome things we do.

Cerner has been recognized as a visionary company, transforming the delivery of healthcare around the world. Improving the health of individuals and the delivery of care is an extremely large, complex, ever-changing problem. Along with the efforts of our strategists and consultant organizations, solving this problem takes a ton of smart folks in our Engineering and CernerWorks Hosting organizations, who are free to play with, adopt, and embrace new technologies and ways of working.

Speaking of working differently, I’m currently at a coffee shop, writing this introduction post on my Cerner-issued Mac. I’ve completed a few code reviews for my team online using Crucible, and have been pushing minor tweaks to the code behind this website to our GitHub Enterprise instance. We collaborate on changes internally as well as directly with our clients using our Jive-powered uCern Connect site.

But it’s more than just how cool is my day… Cerner understands the value in participating in a meaningful dialog about technology, sharing our discoveries, and learning from our peers in the industry. That’s why this summer our Engineering organization will be holding it’s 3rd annual DevCon, where all of our Engineering associates take two days away from their normal work to present and share their ideas and discoveries with each other. Cerner holds regular Hack Nights, where pizza and drinks are provided to get people together to try out new ideas and new technologies and solve things that may or may not apply to our usual work. Cerner also sends associates to attend and present not only at conferences around technologies we already use, such as ApacheCon, EclipseCon, PyCon, RailsConf and WWDC, but also at conferences around new technologies and ways of thinking like Compute Midwest, Strange Loop and SXSW.

In a similar vein, by launching this Engineering Health site, we hope to provide transparency to our internal organizations, as well create another way to connect to the broader community involved in solving big problems with software and technology. You will see that in addition to being a leader in the healthcare industry, Cerner is also at the forefront of software technologies. With our inaugural blog post from Ryan Brush, you will get a taste for some cool ways we’re putting big data processing methods to work for some of our new initiatives. Future blog posts will get into other technologies used, lessons learned, and just fun things direct and unfiltered from our Engineering organization.

I hope you enjoy this site, and feel free to connect with us on Twitter @CernerEng.