ShipIt XIV

It is winter time in Kansas City, which also included our fourteenth edition of ShipIt, our routine hackathon competition we host at Cerner Engineering. Although the snowy weather may have kept participants between the warm walls of our Innovations Campus, the winter storm did not disturb the initiative and enthusiasm of the fourteen participating teams. Check out the video below to hear from ShipIt Day participants and supporters as to why ShipIt Day has become an engineering-wide program that supports Cerner’s development culture.

The Winning ShipIt Day XIV Teams

1st Place- Bravo Avocado (Max Schroeder, Jacob Zimmermann, Jan Monterrubio)

“We created “HCCgle” (pronounced “WHO-gull”), a search application for looking up HCC information by ICD-10 diagnosis code (e.g. – “E13.11”) or by term (e.g. – “Diabetes mellitus”), including across physician-friendly terminologies like IMO and SNOMED CT. The app presented which HCC categories the requested term belongs to (if any) and shows how its categorization in the HCC specification has changed over time between revisions. This was created using Java, React, and DropWizard as well as an Oracle database. Our primary use case for this project is for aiding support troubleshooting, as there was not a good way to find the HCC codes used in production.” – Bravo Avocado

2nd Place- Risky Salt (Kevin Eilers, Ryan Rickard, Pepper Pancoast)

“We created an innovation/strategic roadmap prototype for Cerner’s clients that shows past, current and future projects, along with crucial data points for each. The data was directly from a Microsoft SQL server that houses all of our project management data, and the application was built on Ruby on Rails and React.”– Risky Salt

3rd Place- All the Data (Taylor Clay, Bilal Ahmad, Eric Ringle)

“Our team worked on a prototype of a real-time flow sheet, that was a customizable data visualization tool for patient device data. In the real world, this would be used to view trends in a patient’s health to proactively identify risks. The goal of this project was to build a prototype UI support a dense flow sheet and graphical view of critical care data. This would include Cerner CareAware iBus and Cerner Millennium data sources, as well as, understand complexity to better gauge what functions to bring into the solution. This was created using Node-RED (created a mock service that published data to the app) and React (the application UI).” – All the Data

People’s Choice Award Winners

Best Team Name - :(){:|:&};:
(Ian Kottman, Sam Livingston, Paul Dennis, Bobby Ryterski, Anthony Ross)

Best Presentation - Ship O’Holics
(Sowmya Mathukumalli, Shrutha Kashyap, Yasho Jhamvar, Tejendra Velaga)

Thank you to our talented judges Ben York, Adilson Ribeiro, and Scott Julius. Thank you to Kyle Harper for taking awesome pictures throughout our event.