ShipIt XI Day: Spring 2018

On March 8th and 9th, 17 teams of Cerner associates competed for the Golden Keyboard during our 11th ShipIt Day. During this 24-hour hackathon, associates were challenged to create something innovative, usable, and value-adding. This was the fourth ShipIt held at our new Innovations Campus, leveraging the wonderful collaborative spaces available.

With Shipit XI, we expanded upon a time-honored tradition of this event, the traveling trophy Golden Keyboard. This keyboard, adorned with symbolic trinkets from past winners, provides an opportunity for winning teams to defend the trophy and leave their mark in ShipIt history.

Golden Keyboard

However, we realized as ShipIt grew, the category for winning the “People’s Choice Award” (the favorite as voted by the audience agnostic of the judges’ selection) needed to have something more special to symbolize its importance. As a result, we introduced the Golden Mouse! This trophy, while separate from the Golden Keyboard, is another peripheral that a team can win by vote of their peers. With ShipIt XI, the Golden Mouse is now added to the tradition.

Golden Mouse

This ShipIt featured Reliability as its theme. This theme highlighted the work that is continually done to improve the reliability our systems. Reliability, it is the most fundamental feature! By including this theme, we also introduced a new winning category for best project that improved reliability.

Like all ShipIts, signs of creativity, collaboration, and intense problem solving were abundant all night.

Registration and kick-off
Strategy planning
Focused concentration
Abundant caffeine

In addition to café vouchers for breakfast and lunch, ShipIt XI featured a taco bar for dinner. Participants enjoyed unlimited tacos and delicious churros for dessert!

ShipIt XI also hosted a ping-pong “March Madness” tournament to provide an opportunity for the participants take a break and flaunt their athletic prowess.

The dreaded Jake Kramer power serve

Demos always arrive quicker than anticipated. Ready or not, 9am rolled around and demos were in full swing. Teams were given four minutes to present their projects to a panel of judges, consisting of Julie Schlabach, Kevin Shekleton, Jeff Dittmer, and Chad Todd. Special thank you to those folks for spending their morning with us and supporting ShipIt Day!

Team SPACES RUNNER – 1st Place

Coming in first place was Team SPACES RUNNER (Ryan Scheidter, Darius Washington, Miguel Fernandez, Aarthi Gunda, and Sundeepa Godavarti).

“Space Runner is a visualization tool to show previously run, currently running, and scheduled to run Apache Spark jobs. It also provides some color coding for jobs that take over the average amount of time of previous runs, along with links to the Spark UI where we can view more details about the job. This tool is being used as a visualization of my team’s (Spaces Platform) dev domain to see what ran at what time, what is running, and what is about to start. This is a huge asset in terms of seeing how the domain is running, when it has too many things scheduled, and when it has free time coming up to manually run a job. This tool takes far less time than manually looking at the frequency jobs are scheduled and determining if the domain is free or overbooked.”

Congratulations SPACES RUNNER!

Team PSA – 2nd Place

Second place went to Team PSA (Aaron Noll, Bryce McDonald, Jesse Gilbert, Bennet Lovejoy, and Snehil Wakchaure).

“Team Patient Safety Analytics (PSA) developed a SMART on FHIR app with the aim of making hospitals safer and more reliable. This goal of this app is to decrease the time required to report patient safety events while also increasing accuracy by 1) Populating basic demographic fields automatically for a report (currently manually entered) and 2) Embedding the app within PowerChart to reduce the number of clicks necessary to create a report. Over time, the app could also enable Cerner to add more value by helping hospitals improve through analysis of their data and comparison against peers while also providing reporting utilities for clients to monitor and improve their processes.”   Way to go PSA!

Team Pedantic Beasts – 3rd Place

Team Pedantic Beasts (Robert Ryterski, Paul Dennis, Ian Kottman, and Anthony Ross) took third place.

“MCop is a linter for Marathon app definitions. It statically analyzes definitions for problems such as syntax errors, unstable deployment configuration, and departures from best practices.”

Great job Pedantic Beasts!

Team Reliabilibuddies – Best Reliability Themed Project and People’s Choice: Best Team Name

The winner of the sponsored project theme of “Reliability” was Team Reliabilibuddies (Siri Varma Vegiraju, Nathan Schile, Vu Tran, Lucas Chandler, and Venkatesh Sridharan). Reliabilibuddies also won the people’s choice Best Team Name!

Nicely done Reliabilibuddies!

Team The Centurions – People’s Choice: Best Project

Winning the brand new Golden Mouse for people’s choice Best Project was team The Centurions (Mohan Chamarthy, Sanket Korgaonkar, Saranth Govindaraju, Vamsi Krishna Guntupalli, and Shyam Gopal Rajanna). Congratulations and enjoy your cheeseballs!

Team Whalenado – People’s Choice: Best Presentation

Winning a glorious tub of cheeseballs is Team Whalenado (Mithun Singh, David Crowder, Nick Overfield, and Michael Rzepka) for people’s choice Best Presentation.

Winning teams walked away with some awesome prizes such as wireless headphones, TileMates, Echo Dots, and drones.

ShipIt continues to be a great way for associates to explore new solutions to problems, build relationships within different organizations, and most importantly, enjoy themselves. ShipIt Day XI was a great success. The projects were creative and have potential to bring value Cerner’s associates and clients.

Save the Date: ShipIt Day returns August 9th and 10th! If you are interested in learning more about other ShipIt Days, see these earlier posts: