May 24, 2018

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Say Hello to the 2018 Summer Interns

Throughout the month of May, teams across Cerner’s Engineering space have welcomed 197 software interns to our campuses in Kansas City and Malvern. Ranging from rising seniors in high school to rising seniors in college, these interns will be working alongside Cerner’s full time engineers to enhance and expand upon their current skillsets.

While interning at Cerner, these associates will experience firsthand the look and feel of a day in the life of a full time software engineer. Potential projects include:

  • working with data ETL and web technologies to produce analytical dashboards
  • working on features and capabilities of our solutions to improve the overall experience of Cerner’s consumer solutions and/or development processes, and
  • adding functionality to some cloud-based applications to provide more troubleshooting capabilities.

The variety in projects interns will be working on allows for work in a robust development ecosystem using tools like JIRA, Crucible, Github and languages like Java, Javascript, and Ruby. Our interns have opportunities to work on real projects with real world impact in the healthcare space.

In addition to their work, interns will attend a variety of culture and networking events like our internal developers conference, DevCon, a bi-weekly Tech Speakers Series, an intern-only hackathon, and a family day where interns are encouraged to bring their families to see their work environment and projects. Cerner has welcomed three intern groups in Kansas City and one in Malvern, with one more group to start in Kansas City next week. Stay tuned this summer for an in-depth look at a few of the projects our interns work on.