FHIR Versions

Bunsen supports STU3 and R4 builds of the FHIR specification. Support for both are included as a convenience in the bunsen-shaded JAR and assembly, so Python users can simply use the STU3 Python APIs or R4 Python APIs libraries as needed.

Java or Scala developers building their own assemblies similarly can use the bunsen-stu3 or bunsen-r4 jars.

Importing Older FHIR Data

DSTU2 and older versions of FHIR aren’t supported for technical reasons discussed here. However, older versions of FHIR can be converted to newer versions using the HAPI FHIR Converter API. This can be run externally, or embedded in a Spark function that reads the XML or JSON resource directly, converts it to the STU3 or R4 model as appropriate, and then creates a Spark Dataset of the supported type.