April 6, 2017

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One Cerner Style Icons: The future of icons at Cerner

One Cerner Style Icons (OCS Icons) are foundational UI elements required to produce a cohesive and consistent User Experience for Cerner Solutions. OCS Icons consist of a comprehensive icon library of platform agnostic assets which can be easily consumed by development teams.


The primary goal of this effort to elevate every aspect of the UI to create the best possible user experience. In order to do that, it is imperative to develop a system composed of strong design patterns and well-founded user research. By creating a single repository of platform agnostic icons, we are able to better manage icons and create a framework that makes consuming icons easier and more efficient. By reducing the number of separate libraries, styles and formats, we ease the burden on implementation for developers. In addition, we dramatically reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain a host of different asset libraries while producing a higher quality product. Going open source also facilitates a more seamless process when icons need updated or when styles change and evolve.


OCS Icons are the core iconographic communication vehicle between the functional software and the UI. The icons are designed on the foundation of a strict icon language consisting of core design principles and uniform style. Proper implementation requires consumers to be on a code guide and obtain assets by referencing codified Scalable Vector Graphics. To ensure consistent implementation, icon packages are versioned and carefully managed.


The individuals responsible for One Cerner Style Icons are: James Bray, Seth Claybrook, Brett Jankord, Will Reynolds and Bradley Scott.