February 15, 2017

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Beadledom - Simple Java framework for building REST APIs

Beadledom is a framework for building Java based web services. It bundles several open sourced components required for building JAX-RS services.


HealtheIntent, Cerner’s population health management platform, started 3.5 years ago. We went through the process of investigating different technologies for the platform. We decided on using Java for building services and arrived on a set of libraries that we believed work well together.

The long history of Java has led to an ocean of libraries that are available to Java developers. Picking up the right set of tools is very important to get the job done the right way. The trickiest part is to know what “the right set of tools” are. This is only the first of many tough decisions that a developer makes during the lifecycle of a project.

If choosing the libraries for a project is a game, then getting them all to play well together is a whole new game. Beadledom not only brings all the awesome java libraries together but also binds them well, making the developer’s life easy. It gives a good head start to the developer by letting them start from a strong foundation.

At Cerner we understand how important and tedious these decisions are and we always want to contribute back to the community. So we open sourced Beadledom because it helped us develop our platform quickly and consistently. We hope that others in the community can also leverage its power.


Beadledom uses several open source projects that are widely used and well maintained. Below is a list of a few of the major components that Beadledom uses.

Guice for gluing and bootstrapping components; Jackson for JSON serialization/deserialization; Resteasy for JAX-RS implementation; Stagemonitor for Monitoring and metrics; Swagger for API Documentation; Apache Commons-Configuration for handling different types of configurations consistently. Where? You can find the source code on GitHub. Please find our documentation at http://engineering.cerner.com/beadledom/.


Below are the core developers of Beadledom: John Leacox Sundeep Paruvu Nimesh Subramanian Brian van de Boogaard Supriya Lal Here is the complete list of contributors who made Beadledom awesome.

Cerner takes pride in our open source contributions. When teams contribute to the community Cerner rewards them with a cake. Here is the cookie cake for Beadledom.